Jede Parzelle in Berlin

Or, every lot in Berlin

For some time now, I've seen posts on twitter by @everylotnyc, @everylotchicago and the like. These are bots which post images of every property in their respective cities, giving a surface-level view of spaces around these cities, using images from Google Street View.

In the past, I've seen Street View in Germany, whose privacy rights mean that citizens get to have their properties not visible (blurred) on Street View. Additionally, the Street View coverage is far less complete in Germany. For these reasons, I was interested in seeing one of these bots for a German city.

I made one. For Berlin. It's @ParzellenBerlin. I used the code from the everylot repository, which makes the process pretty easy. In its very first tweet, we see why I made this bot: the storefront below is crystal clear, but the rooms above are completely blurred out.