An Android app that cleans up links from other apps before opening them in a web browser

I decided to write this app when I noticed a variety of useless links appearing in my browser history. By 'useless links', I mean things like links to URL shorteners, amp links, tracking links, and so forth.

This app is an attempt to get rid of them. It serves as your default browser (though once it does its work it redirects to your browser of choice) and intercepts each web link you click on in your email client, in your maps app, in your podcast player, in your social media apps, and wherever links are to be found (other than in a web browser).

This app automatically follows redirects (where appropriate), simplifies URLs, dodges tracking where it can, and generally tries to make the links you come across a little better.

Please see the GitLab page for the source code and for more information, this webpage mostly just serves as a hosting site for the APK for easier installation while I still haven't added my app to F-Droid or the Play Store.

Here is the APK for version 0.1-beta